Pep Boys Voyager 18 CF Roof Top Cargo Carrier (90274) - Best Cargo Box

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Pep Boys is one of the best manufacturers of rooftop cargo boxes right now The Pep Boys Voyager 18 CF 90274 is a 9-cubic foot Apex rooftop cargo box designed specifically for small vehicles. It is compatible with most crossbars and you can mount it to an existing or aftermarket car roof racks with cross bars.

This rooftop box can fit in any vehicle with appropriate crossbar and is pretty easy to install. All you need is to get your crossbars square. You may use a tape measure to get the exact measurements. You attach the crossbars to your car roof then you mount the cargo carrier on the crossbars. There exist a wide range of cross bars in the market today and you’ll have to do some research on the best crossbars that works for your car.

There are U-shaped bolts that you can use to attach to your vehicle’s crossbars and the clamshell itself has a number of holes in the bottom to accommodate various spacing options. You can as well use a drill bit to drill holes at preferred intervals.

The roof box is made of sturdy ABS plastic, making it durable and lasting. The overall design is however lightweight with a sturdy covering to keep your items safe and sound during transit. It is capable of withstanding heavy use in all-weather conditions. If you’re looking for a fully sealed cargo box to keep your gear safe and well-protected during long distance travel, then you need to choose Pep Boys Voyager. With a UV inhibitor, the roof box resists cracking and fading.

The Pep Boys Voyager hardtop Cargo Carrier is the best cargo box that gets you going with huge baggage’s without compromising your car’s interior space. The carrier features easy passenger side entry access for enhanced efficiency and convenience while parking up your car. It comes fully assembled together with mounting hardware included in the package.

Therefore, the assembly is pretty easy and simple. You don’t need any special tools to mount it on your crossbars or roof racks. Rear loading makes it easy to get your items in.

Key Features


  • Sturdy and durable ABS plastic design.
  • Tool-free easy mounting system.
  • Built-in secure lock.
  • Features U-shaped bolts for mounting to existing or aftermarket roof racks.
  • UV inhibitor that resists cracking and fading.
  • Sturdy cover Aerodynamic design.
  • Customer Reviews and Scores.

Pep Boys Voyager attracted a total of 8 customer reviews on Amazon with four five 4 stars and three 4 stars. This brings the average rating to 5 stars. Most customers hailed the product for its wide range of benefits, including the study design, rear loading, spacious luggage space, and others. It works great on every vehicle, both for short and long trips. One customer said: We-Vibe Tango | Vibradores Wevibe | Tienda Wevibe | vibradores | comprar wevibe

”We went through some heavy rain, there were no leaks and it will surprise you about how much you can place inside it It helped quite a bit”


  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Well-built with strong hinges.
  • Pretty easy to install.
  • Spacious enough for holding important items.
  • Sturdy against the wind.
  • Protect your items from rain and hail.


Customers in their reviews made small complaints, especially on the location of the latches on both sides and the lack of rubber coating on the mounting brackets. The rooftop box needs more than the existing one way to lock and secure it from strong and stormy winds. If you’re doing highway driving, you may be forced to put straps over. Also, someone short would have difficult times accessing the box’s lock when its mounted on top of an SUV. You may be forced to stand in the doorway when loading or unloading it Overall, however, it is a good choice for a low-priced long-lasting and large cargo box.


Pep Boys Voyager 18 CF 90274 rooftop cargo box is a durable and lightweight option that offers more storage space, especially if you have a long trip or vacation that need traveling for several miles. The cargo carrier provides safe and dry keeping of your items and luggage, leaving more room inside your car. If you are looking for an XL carrier that fits on my compact cross over, then all you need is this Pep Boys mode.

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Pep Boys Voyager 18 CF Roof Top Cargo Carrier (90274) - Best Cargo Box

Pep Boys is one of the best manufacturers of rooftop cargo boxes right now The Pep Boys Voyager 18 CF 90274 is a 9-cubic foot Apex rooftop cargo box designed s



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Pep Boys Voyager 18 CF Roof Top Cargo Carrier (90274) - Best Cargo Box

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