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Searching for the best rooftop cargo box compartment to fit your storage needs can be daunting, especially so when you’re not sure where to begin. From long trips to off-road excursions carry with you the convenience of extra storage. With ample space to accommodate your cargo requirements, the INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box offers the perfect solution to your travel needs. Below, we take you through an in-depth review on some of the best rooftop cargo box in the market, highlighting some of the key features as well as pros and cons of the product as we delve into the world that is INNO.

Key Features of the INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box

1. SPM injection Moulding

The structure comes designed from an SPM injection molding that helps generate an overall uniform thickness throughout the exterior during the SPM injection design process. The outer surface seamlessly feels and looks flawless, with every curve and edge perfectly defined. All thickness is proportional and symmetric giving you a well rounded aesthetic finish.

2. Dual Side Opening

Convenient and easy to access from any side is what makes the INNO Plus one of the best rooftop cargo box in the global market today. The convenience of double-entry openings makes it a handy and easy to operate feature, especially in critical situations thus saving the hustle of only having to access your cargo from one opening side.

3.Aerodynamic/Ergonomic Design

Elegant and stylish, this ergonomically designed cargo box for sale allows for a smoother airflow experience on the go allowing better driving with less drag experienced with the INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box throughout your trips as well as looking and feeling authentic. Drives become smoother also, there is less noise produced as air seamlessly flows around the cargo box thanks to the aerodynamic design thus reducing the noise of airflow and breeze as you enjoy your rides.

4. Mounting mechanism

Two-factor installation process comes with a helpful manual to instruct even the newbies on how to get your INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box set up and ready to roll in no time. With its easy install memory mount system, installations become a breeze in the park. Rutina Empuje Tirón Pierna frecuencia II - BacteriaNutritiva

5. 3D Inner Mat

Enjoy the protection the best cargo box has to offer. Built out of a solid exterior shell, much can be said about the interior too. The inner surface of the interior comes designed in a specialized material that offers protection of your cargo as well as being tangible appealing to the eyes.

6. Durable 3 layer sheet

Comes crafted with three exterior layers encasing your contents in a space of security. Top exterior layer comes covered in a tough acrylic layer, wearable then ABS layer Guaranteeing protection susceptible to fall damage, collision or scratches.

Pros of the INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box
  • Premium, aesthetic design.
  • Solid build and durable.
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • Two sides openable.
  • Portable and easily mountable.
  • Stable and sturdy during transportation.
  • Spacious with a capacity of 13 cubic feet.

Customer Reviews

Through 8 cargo box reviews in total, so far the product managed to fetch an incredible 88% five-star rating with positive reviews throughout. Many loved the idea of its extra fastened security, size, matching color variety that blends with their cars and 3D inner layer padding. The other 12% seemed to favor the product in the four-star category rating with no negative ratings below that.

Average Amazon score, 4.8 / 5.

Cons of the INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box

The INNO Wedge Plus holds off well on its own but compared to some of the qualities offered in its counterparts one can see the disadvantages. For example, the INNO Wedge 660 is slightly larger than this 864 model. The product also doesn’t feature the lock systems like its predecessor had nor crossbar compatibility. No doubt too, the INNO Wedge plus is quite expensive to purchase and maintain. However for it’s the price offered, the INNO Wedge plus ensures customers value for their money.


When it comes to selecting the best cargo box for your storage needs, then the INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box has got you covered. Whether it’s portability, capacity or durability that you seek, with the wedge plus, there’s something for everyone. Keep your cargo safe today and experience the benefits of one of the best rooftop cargo box out there featuring a limited warranty to safeguard your cargo protection in case of repairs, Get your very own cargo box for sale today and experience the benefits premium rooftop cargo boxes have to offer.

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inno wedge 665 Archives - Best Cargo Box

Searching for the best rooftop cargo box compartment to fit your storage needs can be daunting, especially so when you’re not sure where to begin. From long





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