Top 3 Yakima Skybox 21 - 18 and 12 for Sale In The Market - Best Cargo Box

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     1. Yakima Skybox 21 Cargo Box

The Yakima SkyBox 21 Cubic Cargo Box is the latest addition from Yakima. This model comes with a new textured lid that makes it more users friendly. Additionally, the model is more versatile, sleeker and comes with a streamlined design that reduces wind drag and noise. Since the model comes fully assembled and no tools are required during the installation, fixing it on your car top will take less than five minutes.



• Aerodynamic design

• Has a carbon fiber effect

• Dual opening adds more convenience

• Toll-free installation

• Easy to clean




• No anti-slip pad inside



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      2. Yakima Skybox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box

If you are looking for a Yakima Skybox that will fit on your SUV or sedan rooftop rack and help you to increase the cargo capacity significantly the Yakima Skybox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box is a great choice. With this storage box, you will never leave your essential gear because you do not have enough room in your car. This yakima cargo box comes with an imposing look flowing aerodynamic construction and sturdy construction that makes it durable and easy to use.



• High-quality construction materials

• Easy to install as no tools are needed

• Features Super Latch Security ensures your lid is secure to its base

• Easy to use

• It has internal lid stiffeners




• The handle is very finicky and hard to open with one arm


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      2. Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite Cargo Box

Yakima Skybox 12 is spacious enough to hold your entire luggage and comes with an aerodynamic design, which plays a major role in reducing drag and wind noise. This model is also sleek and comes with an easy to close carbonite-textured lid. There is no assembly required as it comes fully assembled. Additionally, this model is designed with internal lid stiffeners that enhance its durability as well as ease of use. Other impressive features that come with this model includes Super Latch Security ensures your lid is secure to its base; dual-sided opening that allows for easy access on either side of your vehicle as well as tapered design reduces hatch interference


• Aerodynamic design

• Convenient

• Cool carbonite top, which is a unique feature

• Easy dual opening




• Heavy roof cargo box


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Whether you are thinking of going for a long road trip together with your family, a snowboarding trip with your friends or moving one of your friends to his new apartment, the Yakima skyboxes will suit your needs perfectly. These cargo boxes are affordable, easy to install and durable, making sure that you will get reliable service for many years to come.

What to consider before you go buying a Yakima skybox cargo box

Before purchasing the best cargo box for your car, here are some of the considerations that you must take to account. These tips will help you to select a model that will suit your needs perfectly.

1. The size of the rooftop box

The first thing to consider when getting the best cargo box is the size. There are very many cargo boxes on the market with each model having different sizes. When selecting the perfect size, you need to consider the luggage that you normally carry. For example, if you want a cargo box for traveling with your family consider the space that you will need. If your family is large, getting a bigger size is an added advantage. This will also apply if you want a cargo box to transport work equipment.

2. What are the materials used for construction

Selecting cargo boxes that are constructed with high-quality materials allows you to have peace of mind, as you know that all your items are safe. Ensure that you go for a model that is constructed with weather resistant materials. Additionally, you should make sure that the materials are durable for the box to offer you with reliable services for many years to come.

3. The design

Selecting a cargo box that comes in an aerodynamic design will not only help to reduce the amount of wind noise while driving but also makes your car to have a stylish look. Aerodynamically designed cargo box will also distribute the weight of the luggage evenly avoiding potential damages to your roof.

4. Warranty

In most cases, a product that has extended warranty tends to be the best. This is because the manufacturer has already tested the product and has full confidence with its performance. In addition, products with a long warranty give you peace of mind as you know that your investment is well safeguarded.

5. Weight limit

Another consideration to make is the weight limit. Most cargo boxes on the market have indicated their weight limit or the maximum load that the box can carry. Remember you cannot use the cargo box to store extraordinary heavy objects as they might cause damage to your car roof. However, you can store the lighter items such as clothing or sporting equipment. Do estimation of the weight of the cargo you will need and select a model with appropriate range.

6. Installation solution

Installing the Yakima Skybox 21 , 18 or 12 cargo box is rather simple. They will not require any tools while installing or removing from the car. You are provided with a detailed manual that shows you step by step guide on how to install them as well as different ways that you can use to lift the boxes to the top of the car. Above are some of the models available in the Yakima Skybox series.

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Top 3 Yakima Skybox 21 - 18 and 12 for Sale In The Market - Best Cargo Box

     1. Yakima Skybox 21 Cargo BoxThe Yakima SkyBox 21 Cubic Cargo Box is the latest addition from Yakima. This model comes with a new textured lid that ma



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Top 3 Yakima Skybox 21 - 18 and 12 for Sale In The Market - Best Cargo Box

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