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Color : BlackSpecial Features of Thule Pulse Cargo Box1. Easy Grip mounting hardware2. Single side opening3. Rugged and stylish plastic constructionHow To Install a Thule Cargo Box ? Very Easy !Pros of Thule Pulse Cargo BoxCustomer reviews and scoresCons of the productConclusionShare this for your friend:




The Thule Pulse Cargo Box is one of the must have Thule pulse cargo box reviews 1cargo boxes if looking for more space when traveling by your car. The Thule cargo box comes with a large interior space to fit several items. The cargo box is specifically designed to provide consumers with a cheap alternative for carrying items when in transit with their cars. The box is made of durable, rugged thermoplastic materials offering customers value for their money. With excellent mounted internal locks and a secure lock lid technology, consumers have an exceptional cargo box.

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The pulse cargo box attaches easily to the roof of the car using the internal knobs. The Easy grip hardware allows for snap installation taking roughly five minutes. The low design allows the box to fit into garages and parking. The box comes with one of the perfect lids capable of resisting the harshest weather conditions. The aerodynamic shape helps prevent the production of loud sound all year long.

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The three size choices have been designed in a manner that they fit the driver and passenger hauling needs while matching the car type. The extensive racks offer enough storage for all your package needs. Personally, I will give the best cargo box a rating of five out of five.

Color : Black

Special Features of Thule Pulse Cargo Box

1. Easy Grip mounting hardware

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The Thule Pulse Cargo Box easily attaches itself to the racks of roofs via the hardware grip. The easy grip knob hardware combined with the long distance of the box makes installation fast. The easy grip feature makes the assembly of the box very fast even for new consumers. Cargo boxes need to be easy to assemble. The roof cargo box can take users a maximum of five minutes to fully install the box securely on the rack.

2. Single side opening

The box has a single passenger side lid opening for safe loading and unloading of items. Lid lifters have been fitted internally at the front and back of the box allowing for hands-free access to the box. When done storing items, the lid is simply pulled and the secure lock technology the complete closure of the box. A locking functionality ensures the lid remains that way when on transit. This ensures the items in the cargo box are kept secure and safe at all times.

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3. Rugged and stylish plastic construction

The Thule Pulse Cargo Box is made of materials that resist all the harsh weather conditions. The rugged plastic protects all the content in the box ensuring their safety. The shape of the box is created in an aerodynamic shape that prevents the production of loud sounds. The shape of the box slides backwards in an aerodynamic shape allowing moving wind to smoothly pass offer. The box offer no resistance to the flow of the wind and does not affect driving efficiency in any way.

How To Install a Thule Cargo Box ? Very Easy !

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Pros of Thule Pulse Cargo Box

  1. Faster installation of racks due to the easy grip hardware.
  2. Secure lock technology that ensures safety of items in transit.
  3. Reliable and durable as the rugged plastic material remains resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  4. Does not interfere with driving due to the aerodynamic design that allows air to flow over smoothly.
  5. Very light allowing portability.

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Customer reviews and scores

Most customers are satisfied with the product. The fact that Thule pulse cargo box reviews 7is durable, easy to install and produces no loud sounds makes the good product choice. The product has 79 reviews on Amazon alone with 61 rating it five stars and 28 giving it four stars. There is only one-star rating for the product with five people giving it three and two stars. Most of the few negative comments on Amazon are based on lock mechanism and installation factors that are associated with human error. In most cases, people who read the manual and install the Thule Pulse Cargo Box as instructed find no problems.

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Cons of the product

  1. Some can buckle under intense heat Thule pulse cargo box reviews 8although this is common to almost all plastic products. However, this can only happen if the thule cargo box is left on the sun most of the time for long periods. A week or a month on the sun does not affect the box.
  2. The lock mechanism can be difficult to use for new consumers. However, if the operation manual is followed, then no problems are encountered. You will find most people installing and using the box even without reading the manual.


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If in the market for a cargo box, then the Thule Pulse is an excellent option. It comes with all the features one would expect to see in a cargo box. It is light, spacious, easy to install and very durable. It offers really value for money. Go ahead and make the right decision. Buy a Thule Pulse Cargo Box that will offer you value and serve you effectively.

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Thule Pulse Cargo Box Review - Best Cargo Box

Color : BlackSpecial Features of Thule Pulse Cargo Box1. Easy Grip mounting hardware2. Single side opening3. Rugged and stylish plastic constructionHow To Inst





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